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“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined”  


American-board author of 20 novels, 112 stories, and 12 plays


You may find that there will be times when you wonder in your career, “Why doesn’t things seem to be working for me? Why haven’t I achieved my goal? Why do I start to feel tired and lack drive in my job?”


The real truth is that you can change all these experience in your career. This includes the level of your achievements in your company, the results you produce, the quality of relationships with your colleagues, your income, your feelings – everything!

This 1-day workshop gives you an overview of the principles of personal excellence and how you can create massive value for your organization and yourself.


In this 1-Day workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Recognising personal success principles upheld by professionals
  • Locating where you are now and where you want to be
  • Identifying tips and techniques to manage your own emotional states
  • Using techniques to motivate yourself to take massive action towards your goals


The workshop content is as follows:

  • Principles of Personal Excellence - Understanding the key fundamentals and beliefs for personal success in the workplace
  • Ultimate Success Formula – a simple yet powerful formula to set inspiring goals, map out the strategies that are relevant and motivate yourself to take massive action
  • Secret to Peak Performance – How to run your brain to take charge of your
     emotional states, remove procrastination and stay motivated
  • Beliefs - Understand how beliefs affect you and how to remove limiting beliefs and install a powerful mindset. 


Games, discussion groups, role plays, practical exercises and presentations will be used to enhance learning and encourage participation.

Who Should Attend

Professionals, Managers, Executives and anyone who wants to adopt the right mindset and attitudes to be truly driven, committed and effective in their work.