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“You will not know how powerful language is until you truly knows what it can DO!”


Influencing skills will be used after rapport is built. The objective of influencing skills or some people may call it leading, is to direct the other person’s thought, even without the person knowing, with a positive intention of achieving a win-win situation. Many successful individuals such as businessmen, politicians, motivational speakers, therapists, etc., used such language structures. Imagine the positive impact it would make to your various aspects of your life such as career and wealth, relationship, social and cultural aspects.




In this 1-Day workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Know 5 Principles of an Effective Communicator
  • Understand Conversational Framing
  • Utilise Reframing – to loosen objections
  • Use Milton Model – Language used by the late Father of Modern Hypnosis, Dr Milton Erickson
  • Leverage on Meta-Model – Language used by the late therapist Virginia Satir


The workshop content is as follows:

  • Powerful Principles to be An Effective Communicator

- Learn the Principles Created by Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder who are the Founders of Neuro-linguistic Programming

  • Conversational Framing

- Usage of specific questioning techniques to direct and lead the thoughts of the other person

  • Reframing

- Using Content and Context Reframing Techniques to loosen a person’s objection such that he can focus on the positive aspect of any challenges

  • Milton Model

- Learn how to use abstract languages used by the Father of Modern Hypnotherapy (Dr Milton Erickson) to achieve instant agreement

  • Meta-Model

- Discover powerful questioning techniques to help you reveal specific information about any concealed subject (like a presenting problem)



Games, discussion groups, role plays, practical exercises and presentations will be used to enhance learning and encourage participation.

Who Should Attend 

Professionals, managers, salespeople, trainers, educators, health practitioners and anyone who wished to build rapport with people, persuade and influence others.