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“Understanding the psychology behind the selling process is critical if you desire to achieve the success of your dreams.” 

Tom Hopkins

Author of How to Master the Art of Selling

What does it mean to you if you could “read” into your client’s thoughts such that you can pace and lead them to the way you want?

Would it be great if you fully understand what are the sequence of thoughts of your client before they buy anything such that you can then use the same sequence to influence them to buy?

Do you want to possess powerful sales techniques which could easily help you to increase your sales?

In this 1-day intensive personal coaching programme, you will learn the powerful sales techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP):


In this 1-Day workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Managing your fear/anxiety in selling
  • Understand what your customers is thinking
  • Use their language to influence their thoughts into buying your products and services  
  • Build rapport with anyone you meet 


The workshop content is as follows:

  • Rapport Technology: Connecting to Anyone You Meet

Learn about the powerful principles of effective communication and rapport dynamics to connect to anyone you meet. Even the most resistant clients, colleagues and family members will not be able to resist you.

  • The Power of Sensory Acuity

Learn the scrutinizing skills of how the person feel through the observation of non-verbal behaviour and thus the impact of rapport. Learn what representation is going on inside the person’s head through eye accessing cues.

  • Language of Influence

Understand the brain language of anyone you meet and you will be amazed at how you can use the same language to connect and influence anyone you meet.

  • Reframing: Transform Problems into Opportunities

Use the power of reframing to redirect a person’s thoughts to the way that you wanted, thus achieving the goals that you set. This technique will also allow you to perceive things differently such that you can transform problems into opportunities and bad experiences into powerful ones.

  • Visualize Your Roadmap to Success

Remove any limiting belief you have and see yourself to success.


Games, discussion groups, role plays, practical exercises and presentations will be used to enhance learning and encourage participation.