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“Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much”

Helen Keller

American author, lecturer and advocate for the blind


Every high achieving company has a powerful team of key staff members, consultants, vendors and officers who do the bulk of the work while the management create new opportunities for success. The world’s greatest companies have a strong team who manage projects and handle everyday tasks – enabling the management to hone their craft and focus on the critical tasks.

This 1-day workshop will equip your team with the skills to be a powerful and effective team.







In this 1-Day workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Importance of Communication in a Team
  • Critical Success Factors that will propel a Team to a next level of synergy
  • How each individual’s background, beliefs and values will affect team performance


The workshop content is as follows:

  • Communication As A Teamcorpprog-p10

See and appreciating other people’s reality of the world, preferred methods of communication and achieving flexibility, rapport and understanding in communication

  • The Power Of Beliefs And Values On Team Performance 

Understanding and appreciating team Members’ beliefs and value system such that each member can better appreciate the differences and use them for alignment with others

  • Moving & Motivating Your Team Towards Excellence

How To build, grow and motivate teams to progress in a common, aligned direction

  • Who I Am Makes A Difference

Fully experiencing the how simple gestures of appreciation can bring joy, meaning and heart to the team’s journey


Games, discussion groups, role plays, practical exercises and presentations will be used to enhance learning and encourage participation.

Who Should Attend

Professionals, Managers, Executives and anyone who wants to be build a powerful team in their workplace to create synergistic results.